The Project

[Iconoclu$ter] is a conceptual art project crafted by Alessandro Mantini.

Started on 2013 (with the creation of the first work “Mare Magnum”) [Iconoclu$ter] takes some iconic themes of the ‘80s of the past century, putting them off their relative context and once again used to tackle actual issues.

The modern talks with the contemporary also by means of the new technologies used for the production of each work. The photomontage technique associated with the use of public domain pictures taken from the Net bring to life utopias and unattainable situations which defy the laws of nature into a universe of coherent meanings.

The picture and what it is meant to represent is combined in a indissoluble association with the title of each work, in a game of words and shapes that overturn the common meaning of every single element.

The use of white and the absence of a background make the single subjects stand out, allowing a serial exploitation and giving a third dimension at the same time, thanks to their natural aptitude to stereoscopic applications.

The choice of the english language is linked to the use of commercial icons to stress the universal vocation of this project, made in this times for this times’ people. A literal and actual interpretation (which is only apparently ironic) that represents a critique to the consumerism and its monsters.

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