Who I am

Part-time not-too-much-dreamer, daytime realist, music player and Vespa scooter fan when I’m not engaged in the first two activities and into sleeping, I put some of my thoughts and experience on this web corner, suspended between Ancona and Milan (which are my motherland and my adoptive land respectively).

Reading beetween the lines you can find some facts about my past as a college student in Bocconi, Mensa member, rocker and oldgamer, as well as the lot of my less-durable manias and the various even if temporary relashionships.

Enjoying almost every artistic form (even those that you would not consider as such), I prefer an honest picture to an horrible video, and a great manual to a narrative script which doesn’t lead anywhere. In any case, I suppose that everything must be done mainly to surprise. And that it would be good to be surprised. At least once a day…

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