BS Covers – the story of a fraud

Just to share my experience with BS Protection (which site is available at

I found their site on Google, and they seemed to be a serious company, with many satisfied customers’ evidences and a lot of custom-made covers for guitar and bass amp. They also had an e-commerce procedure, even if they didn’t accept Paypal. But since there were no other suppliers and the cost of the product was not that high, I decided to buy a MarkBass cover.

Just an email to confirm that the payment was accepted and the goods would be delivered soon. Since then 6 months passed by and I haven’t still received anything. I tried to contact them many times, showing my receipt and the proof of my order and its payment, but they didn’t reply. I just received an email when I pretended to be a new customer asking for information. Here is the answer from Michael D Bradshaw on the behalf of BS Enterprises when I claimed my product or my money back:

Sir, I have no idea who you are and the only thing this email proves is that you are attempting to commit extortion with the threat of turning me into some higher authority (although is simply the company with whom I do business for my secure internet gateway). If you in fact purchased an item from my company and did not receive the item you needed only to contact your credit card company. However, if you tell them you purchased an item in September 2012 I’m sure they will be interested to know why you are not contacting them until January 2013. But hey, knock yourself out!

I was threatening nobody, and the only thing I asked for was the product for which I already paid the required amount. Don’t know how they call it in the U.S. Here in Italy things like that are called fraud.

So, my suggestion is: DO NOT buy your cover from BS Covers, DO NOT trust the thing they say about their product and their customer and the fact that the site is up to date, and especially DO NOT expect that they will send you the product only because they give you a fast reply to your e-mail asking for information.

It’s just a suggestion. Then do what you want.

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  1. Hi Alex!
    Curiously, it seems they have changed their company name in “MDB Covers”. The link you provide in your post just redirects to “”, but the page title on top of the browser stil shows “BS Protection”.
    Another strange thing: the site pages bring no further informations about the company. No address, no contacts but the email address.
    Mmmh, how much money did they… ‘stole’ to you?

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